Why Coaching?

Why do real estate agents need coaching?

Let’s answer that question with another question:
Have you ever wondered why super successful professional athletes have coaches?

Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Wayne Gretzky, Maria Sharapova, Mike Trout, Kobe Bryant, Mia Hamm, Tom Brady. All these names are Hall of Fame caliber athletes, all have relied on coaches throughout their careers, from their days in Little League to their prime, peak performance years in professional sports.

Why do they need coaching? These are successful athletes at the top of their game, surely they don’t need to have a coach to tell them how to play, right?

The truth of the matter is that the higher the level of performance and the more accolades and achievement they attain, the more critical the need for a coach. In sports, as in business, it’s just as much a mental game as a physical game. Arguably more so. The more you accomplish, the more it plays with your mind. You’ve heard of the pitchers, batters or quarterbacks who lose their “mechanics.” Somewhere along the line, they start thinking too much about something and the simple fundamentals on how to throw a ball, swing a bat or strike a tennis ball elude them. Then they go into a “slump” and if not addressed, it can be career threatening as they lose more and more confidence. Their coaches help them step back and see the big picture, they help the athlete find the problem and help them adjust. Above all, they help them mentally stay focused to continue to perform at such a high level.

In fact, the professional sports coach is part teacher, part psychologist, part task master and part cheerleader/motivator.

In the world of real estate, it’s no different. Virtually ALL the top 50 agents in the nation are working with, or have worked with, a coach. It’s the sign of a true high performer that they recognize the need for a coach to help them grow their business.

What does a real estate coach do for you?

A good real estate coach is first and foremost a teacher. Their role is to make sure you have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of real estate, prospecting and servicing. They introduce you to new approaches you will need to embrace to break through a specific sales plateau or mental roadblock you are stuck on.

A successful real estate coach is a mentor/guidance counselor. They help you step back out of the trenches of the day to day grind, and help you see the whole playing field and get perspective. The challenge for so many agents as they start rising up and improving their production is they get buried in the weeds trying to handle the influx of business. Your Coach will help you take a breath, step up into the grandstands and see the whole playing field. It’s no accident that the “play caller” for any NFL team sits high atop the grandstands overlooking the field and NOT on the sidelines on the playing field.

Accountability is the most critical aspect of a successful coaching relationship. A coach can teach you all the super cool secret strategies to raise your production or close listing presentations faster and more effectively, but if he/she teaches you something and directs you to try it in your business, if you do not follow through, you are back to square one and you are wasting your time and dollars for your coaching. You need a coach who is not afraid to hold your feet to the fire, and who is prepared to fire you as a student if you continue to not follow though and avoid accountability. If you find a coach who lets you slide, you need to run 100 miles in the opposite direction and stop wasting your money with them.

• A real estate coach will help you set goals and map out the best route to attaining them. Their focus should be on not only improving your business practices, but also on improving the quality of your life. It’s true that improved business strategies and using best practices will improve your life, but that can also get you in trouble if you lose sight of what’s important in life. It’s not good if you increase your production by 50% but decrease your time with family by 50%. A good real estate coach will make sure you are attaining a good life balance.

• And you want a real estate coach who will inspire and motivate you. If you are not looking forward to your weekly call with your coach, if you are dreading the accountability, then coaching (or that coach, at least) is not for you. You want a coach who is going to fire you up to want to up your game and improve your life. You should leave your weekly session fired up and ready to tackle the coming week and the assignment or project they have given you to do.

• Another attribute you want from your real estate coach is that they have been coached extensively themselves. That is a good attribute, not only from what they have learned from various coaches, but you want to make sure they know both sides of the fence, the coaches perspective and the student’s perspective. It also means they believe 200% in the principle of coaching.

• More importantly, a good real estate coach should be still in the game. That is, don’t work with someone who has never been in the same trenches you are in, or hasn’t been there in a long while. Avoid coaches who were never a top producing agent. Beware, there are large well-known coaching services filled with agents who never were successful, but have been taught to parrot the company’s teachings.

Real estate is fluid. It’s evolving more rapidly every day. A good real estate coach is out there in the trenches seeing the evolution of real estate first hand. They are constantly testing and improving their systems and adjusting them to the evolving playing field that is today’s real estate market. They are running into the same issues you might encounter. You will be so much more well served working with a coach who is a practicing agent, there’s no question about it. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a coach who is at the level that Phil is. He brings the knowledge that comes from successfully closing nearly 7,000 transaction sides.

So, if you are a successful to somewhat successful agent and you want to take your production higher, or learn to work smarter so you have more life balance, then Coaching is for you. If you are a newer agent who wants to get a leg up on the learning curve and you are ready to roll up your sleeves and make the dollar investment necessary, then coaching is for you. If you are a seasoned veteran looking to improve your strategies or open new markets, stay on top of trends or find more time for yourself, then coaching is for you.

If coaching is for you, and you want to find the perfect, ideal coach who meets all the above qualifications, then you want to work with Phil Herman.

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