Shadow Phil Herman

Question: What Could You Learn Spending a Day Shadowing Phil Herman?
The Answer: More Than You Can Even Imagine!

If you’re not quite ready to make the commitment to Phil’s weekly Coaching Program, perhaps the next best thing is to take advantage of Phil’s Shadow Program.

Phil is offering a limited number of these, but basically, you fly out to the Dayton, OH area and spend a day “shadowing” Phil as he goes through his various day to day prospecting, closing and managing his team duties. Along the way, you have the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on why Phil does things the way he does. More importantly, you see his strategies, ideas and systems in actual use. Not theory. Not clever ideas. Actual systems he is implementing into his business, the very systems, ideas and scripts he has refined, honed and improved over the years to help him close nearly 7,000 Transaction sides.

Or, another way to look at it is to use the Shadow Program to get a sense if Phil might be the right Coach for you. You can learn not only tons about real estate, but you can really learn what makes Phil tick and if he might be a good coaching fit for you.

How it Works
You will consult with Phil prior to your day of shadowing him to outline what specific topics, items will benefit you most, and he does his best to tailor his schedule for that day to include real life implementation and execution of that topic. Many who have completed the Shadow Program equate it to getting a Master’s Degree in real estate in one day. It’s intense and it’s jam packed with comprehensive learning and real time application of many of the ideas and systems Phil has used and perfected to help him complete nearly 7,000 translation sides.

After the day of shadowing, after you have had time to digest all you learned, Phil offers a follow up call to answer any questions or clarify any other things you want more clarification on. If you are interested in finding out more about Phil’s Shadow Program, check the box below and submit the form. Phil will follow up with you to confirm if the Shadow Program is right for you and to schedule that session.

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