Are You Coachable?

Did you know that 80% – 90% of agents are NOT coachable, or they will not benefit from Coaching?

Is that you? Do you think you are “coachable”? Well, here are some thoughts, questions and principles you can use to determine if you are indeed, “Coachable.”

The 80/20 Rule
You’ve heard the 80/20 rule? That is, only 20% of agents are doing 80% of the business. In the “80/20 Rule” scheme of things, do you think you fall into the 20% of agents doing 80% of the business? If so, then maybe you ARE coachable.

Organization: Are you a pinball or do you have control of your day?
It’s no secret, but the most successful agents (and most coachable) are highly organized and protect their calendar and their day with ferocity. If you wake up and then hit the ground, only to become a “pinball” bouncing around putting out fires and not following your calendar, then it’s highly unlikely that you are coachable. However, if you are a Steven Covey disciple and you guard your day like a hawk, staying on point, not blowing off meetings or projects or tasks because you got pulled away, then you have an important attribute that makes you highly coachable.

Are You a Doubting Thomas? Are you rigid in your ways and thought processes?
In life, you have to strike a balance between being open to new ideas and NOT chasing the latest trends. If you are rigid and getting you to change your systems and try a new idea is like moving a mountain, you may not be coachable. On the flip side, if you are open to new ideas and willing to try something that a trusted advisor or expert asks you to do, then you may be absolutely coachable.

If you are going to fight every new idea and debate endlessly why something being taught to you WON’T work, then you are NOT coachable. This is a critical gut check for anyone looking into coaching.

Are you a Sprinter? Or are you of a Long Distance Runner mentality?
When trying to determine if coaching is right for you, this question must be answered: Do you have the mentality, the fortitude and “stick-to-it” mindset to stay in it for the long run? If so, then you are coachable. It’s the classic Tortoise and Hare syndrome. If you are looking for a quick fix, silver bullet solution to growing your business, then coaching may not be for you. You may be able to get quick, flash in the pan results from some generic coaching, but for sustainable, long range improvement and real growth, you need to be prepared for the long haul. Changing your life is not a 40 yard sprint, it’s more like a 10k or marathon.

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