How Do I Start?

How Do I Start. Where do I start?

It starts with a phone consultation and evaluation.

“Put Me in Coach, I’m Ready to Play!”

Those are the immortal lyrics from the John Fogerty classic song, Centerfield. And perfect for this moment.

Okay! You are ready to change your mindset, grow your business and harness Empowered Thinking! Good for you. You want to know what the next step is. More on that in a moment, but it’s important to know that Phil Herman Coaching is NOT for every agent. Phil is not selling mass coaching to whoever can fog a mirror and pay the entry fee.

He is about providing one-on-one coaching service, with a weekly call and check ins and accountability. Full commitment, nothing less. If you are not ready for that, Phil is not ready for you. If you are half in, that’s not going to work. In fact, Phil doesn’t want to work with you if you are going to be a drain on his forward momentum and energy. Life is too short for that, in Phil’s opinion. Come back when you really are ready.

However, if you are psyched, ready to roll and excited about changing your life, Phil DOES WANT TO WORK WITH YOU! You see, in a truly successful coaching relationship, the Coach always benefits as much as the student from the sessions. That’s another reason why Phil loves what he does.

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It all starts with a free, no-obligation coaching evaluation phone call with Phil. He is interviewing you as much as you are interviewing him for consideration for his program. He wants to know if you are a good fit. He wants you to know if he is a good fit for you. That’s the only way this is going to work. If you are still interested and ready to move forward, simply fill out this form below with your phone number and Phil will reach out to you to set up that call. Let’s Empower Your Thinking!

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